The Sweat Games is an exciting 1 day fitness experience which brings together teams of 2 to compete in a morning of physically demanding challenges. The fastest team will be crowned the Sweat Champions!
It is an opportunity for like-minded men and women in the community to come together in their shared love for fitness and exercise. It’s competitive, while still maintaining a light hearted atmosphere and laughter. The Games are a perfect way for participants to put their hard earned work in the gym to the test, get outside in the sun, and make some new friends while doing so!



  • Teams:  2 people per
  • Length: 2.5-3 hours
  • Number of workouts: 3+
  • Equipment you might use: dumbbells, weight plates, slam balls, kettlebells, resistance bands, etc
  • Exercises you might be doing:  squatting, lunging, running, throwing, pushing, jumping burpees, etc
Free Swag! Each participant will receive a gift bag full of goodies at the end of the day filled with healthy snacks, drinks, supplements, and more.
Sweat Champions: At the end of the event, only one team will be crowned the Sweat Champions (per city)! Winners will be chosen by calculating the fastest timed score across all workout events.
The Sweat Champions will also receive a special winning prize package.
Other things to know:
Bring your own water bottle, sweat towel and a change of clothes for afterwards.
Make sure to wear sneakers and athletic apparel.



Beverley is a fitness entrepreneur living in Toronto, Ontario. After leaving her full-time job in insurance, she focussed her efforts on her new career as a group trainer, social media influencer and experiential fitness creator. Her brand Born to Sweat, started as a small blog, and has now branched into fitness retreats, workout events, online programs, and more! Beverley’s mission is to encourage others and teach them to embrace the power of exercise, because she believes that we all were Born to Sweat.